How about hiring an experienced caregiver trained in high-level personal protection that has the ability to perform under stressful situations? 

Nannies today must rise above the ordinary call of duty. Increasing security concerns and the fast-paced nature of modern living dictates the need for a higher level of care. Unfortunately this need has yet to be adequately satisfied. TRS International Group has realized the need to fill this gap and has initiated the 007 Nanny Certification Program to train and equip nannies to offer a higher-level care such as child safety, anti-kidnap protection and close protection in addition to the traditional nanny duties.

This is not just another nanny service. We are offering an opportunity to nanny agencies to have peace of mind, knowing that they have nannies that have undergone a high level of protective training that includes a full cadre of protection skills, personal security, self-defense, surveillance and counter-surveillance, anti-kidnap, executive and close protection, firearms training (optional), escape & evasion training (optional), defensive and evasive driving skills (optional) and other security and tactical skills. For Nanny Agencies, this is not only now in-demand but adds tremendous value to their services and what they can offer their clients.

Families can rest in the knowledge that their children are under the guardianship of highly trained childcare givers that can truly protect their children with real world skill sets taught by real world subject matter experts. If the client so desires, our nannies can also be armed while on duty. All 007 Nannies undergo meticulous vetting and training prior to placement with a family. Our Certified Nannies are vetted for clean backgrounds and undergo a battery of psychological tests to ascertain kid friendliness, mental stability and their ability to handle crisis situations.

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