TRS International Group is an independent, global defense consulting, protection and risk management company.

At TRS International Group we help corporations, organizations and people reduce risk, protect their lives, home and business, navigate threats and violence on every level, and make informed confident decisions about their safety and security.

In today’s uncertain times, the world community is concerned about safety, threats and the ability to respond to emergency and crisis situations. Crime and terrorism have no boundaries, no rules and are without reservation or prejudice.

The world has changed drastically in the past few decades and our enemies and business adversaries have the power, means and capabilities to strike anywhere in the world. We understand this changing global environment and necessity for improvising adapting and overcoming the obstacles that our client’s must deal with on a day-to-day basis to protect themselves and sustain and grow their business.

Our client-centric direct approach to risk mitigation and management, defense, protection and training ensures unparalleled professional service.

The company founder and CEO, Dr. Jeff Cantor, is a global security expert, kidnap & ransom response specialist, tactical team leader, personal security detail operator, high risk environment tactical instructor, tactical edged weapons instructor, professional educator, corporate trainer published author of numerous books and papers, leadership coach and noted speaker.

He is a subject matter expert (SME) advisor to governments, agencies, corporations, organizations, and people in international and personal security, risk and crisis management, kidnap & ransom, close quarter combat, extreme close quarters integrated combat, low impact kinetics, escape & evasion, covert surveillance, personal security operations, tactical edged and impact weapons, hand-to-handcombat and maritime defense.

Dr. Cantor is also the President of Cantor Tactical, a tactical, personal security and protection-training academy.

Additionally, he is the CEO of Black Ops Leadership Training (BOLT), an organization that empowers business and sales leaders in mission ready performance through our black ops sales strategy and executive communication programs, and is Founder / CEO of Defense Coach University a pioneer in the science and real world application of defense technologies, human performance and Defense Coaching.

TRSIG lives and breathes its core values of loyalty, commitment, team, excellence, safety, objective action, intensity of execution and delivery. In this manner it is our mission to surpass the expectations of our clients and deliver outstanding strategic support, expertise and professionalism that culminate in world-class solutions.