TRSIG supports clients by providing strategically focused worldwide expert consulting services and risk management

Services and intelligence solutions for our clients that range from:

  • Anti & Counter Terrorism
  • Threat assessment and management
  • Executive, close and dignitary protection
  • Travel security
  • Kidnap & ransom response
  • Personal security and safety
  • Business, home and office defense planning
  • 007 Nanny Training and Services
  • Regional intelligence alerts
  • Personal security assessments
  • Asset protection
  • Asset transport and relocation
  • Physical hardening and countermeasures
  • Vulnerability testing
  • Maritime defense
  • Comprehensive personal security & tactical training

At TRSIG, our desire is to give our clients the foresight to eliminate situations before they arise and the tools to effectively deal with any situation they may be confronted with.

TRSIG provides a full spectrum of consulting services, insight and support tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

Having a comprehensive range of safety, security, protective and intelligence solutions mitigates risk and reduces your vulnerability to threats on every level.

Our clients benefit from a responsive support model. We provide an exceptional atmosphere of client interaction as an integral part of our business, which includes answering your questions and addressing your security concerns on an ongoing basis.

By leveraging more than three decades of real world experience we devise and execute actionable solutions that protect your life, business and your bottom line.

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