Executive comb

In today’s unforgiving climate, global executives, businessmen and women, celebrities and other individuals must tackle the elevated  corporate and personal risks that require advanced security planning and management.
TRS International Group understands that clients demand protection while balancing business and personal lifestyle. TRS International Group, with extensive experience in the protection field, offers confidential personalized professional protection services to minimize risk and maximize safety to ensure the client is able to focus on what is important to them.

TRS International Group works with each client to develop a custom tailored security plan that is agenda based and is geographically specific for domestic and international plans.

  • Customized comprehensive planning
  • Client risk assessment of threats and vulnerabilities
  • Tailored dignitary and close protection plans that cover home, office and travel
  • World-wide Advance Planning and Site Surveys for domestic and international agendas
  • Experienced professionals culturally adept
  • Intelligence gathering unit to gather security risk information
  • Comprehensive secure transportation, logistical support
  • Custom comprehensive threat analysis
  • Special Event security
  • Hotels, Travel, Yacht

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