TRSIG provides critical intelligence for security risk management, which employs regional knowledge, local assets on the ground, up-to-date data and real world experience.  Our Intelligence reports and briefings help you make better decisions on issues of safety and security while enabling maximum risk mitigation for people and infrastructure.

Strategic Intelligence Gathering and Analysis

TRSIG Intelligence unites time-tested intelligence gathering techniques with the wonders of modern technology to deliver reliable and trustworthy information to our clients. We focus on the following areas: travel briefings, regional and country specific briefs, agenda based tactical intelligence and hotel threat assessments and security planning.

We specialize in supplying pro-active intelligence reports for your safety and business continuity with the following issues in mind:

  • Terrorism and Conflict
  • Civil Unrest
  • Political Instability
  • Infrastructure
  • Natural Disasters
  • Health Hazards

TRSIG Travel Briefs: 
 International travel briefs provide sophisticated planning, up-to-date intelligence, and risk assessments of countries worldwide to help our clients achieve the maximum probability of safe and successful overseas travel. This in-country knowledge prior to departure measurably increases the potential for success.

TRSIG international Group travel briefs provide in-depth information on both peaceful and troubled regions of the world. You acquire firsthand knowledge of the environment, in-country customs, cultural sensitivity, infrastructure, and the variety of circumstances encountered with an emphasis on safety.

The travel briefs are a compilation from our vast network of on-the-ground, in-country experts and a number of other professional sources. International travel represents a challenge and can be quite risky in the current global environment. Without correct in-country knowledge, plans can go awry and itineraries can change rather quickly. TRSIG is there for our clients every step of the way enhancing and augmenting your plans to help you achieve your travel goals in a safer more efficient and effective manner.

Our range of services in this regard includes:

  • Regional risk overview
  • Assessments and Recommendations
  • Specific travel itinerary recommendations
  • Threats to safety and security
  • Awareness and countermeasures training
  • Medical issues, including medical facilities
  • Specific travel recommendations

Regional and Country Specific Security Alerts and Briefs:
 These are monthly or quarterly alerts that outline the geopolitical situation in regards to security risks. These can be delivered via email, hard copy or be administered in person by a TRSIG strategic advisor.

MENA Region Daily Actionable Summary:
 This is a daily business brief of current events in the MENA region and their potential effect on security and business continuity. This is deliverable via email.

Agenda Based Tactical Intelligence:

TRSIG’s Agenda Based Tactical Intelligence can foster pro-active decision-making in the face of a security threat lending to the safe travel and return of critical assets. The TRSIG team monitors high profile visits and events as they occur utilizing local sources, social media, and local press, in order to alert and brief clients on events that may have an effect on their travel, event or facilities operating in that region.

Our expert services are designed to help you prepare for and mitigate travel risks as well as teach individuals not only how to identify when they are being targeted, but also how to respond.

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