International travel briefs provide sophisticated planning, up-to-date intelligence, and risk assessments of countries worldwide to help our clients achieve the maximum probability of safe and successful overseas travel. This in-country knowledge prior to departure measurably increases the potential for success.

TRSIG international travel briefs provide in-depth information on both peaceful and troubled regions of the world. You acquire firsthand knowledge of the environment, in-country customs, infrastructure, and the variety of circumstances encountered with an emphasis on safety.

The travel briefs are a compilation from our vast network of on-the-ground, in-country experts and a number of other professional sources. International travel represents a challenge and can be quite risky in the current global environment. Without correct in-country knowledge, plans can go awry and itineraries can change rather quickly.

TRSIG is there for our clients every step of the way enhancing and augmenting your plans to help you achieve your travel goals in a safer more efficient and effective manner.

For the Executive Traveler, TRSIG hotel threat assessments look at hotels and tourist boundaries to analyze all threat components as well as well as hotel characteristics to determine whether or not the current security environment is sufficient to discourage or minimize potential attacks. Other factors considered in our hotel threat assessments include whether or not crime is a formidable dynamic and are there sufficient defenses in place and whether the hotel is in a geopolitically sensitive country and area.

TRSIG hotel threat assessments evaluate risk and potential threat scenarios to determine the safest environments and hotels, which maintain a level of security that will have positive impact on our client’s health and well being.