Dr. Jeff Cantor

Dr. Jeff Cantor is the CEO of the TRS International Group and Defense Coach. He is a master defense coach, professional educator, global security expert and travel security expert, kidnap & ransom response specialist, high risk environment close quarter combat instructor, high risk environment security instructor, active shooter response and defense instructor, escape and evasion instructor, tactical edged and impact weapons specialist, hand-to-hand combat expert, corporate trainer, published author and noted speaker.

Jeff has spent his life in the dedicated service of saving lives and protecting people, governments, corporations and organizations from dangerous situations and high-risk threats. Jeff’s myriad of real world experience spans planning and executing security and tactical plans and operations to minimizing exposure to liability, recovery of victims of kidnapping, protecting high value targets in high risk environments, asset transport and relocation including setting up safe houses for at-risk people and personnel in international forums.

He is a subject matter expert advisor, consultant and professional trainer with over 35 years active experience in the field who has successfully provided professional consulting and training for SWAT Teams, the military, undercover operatives from federal agencies, foreign presidential protection details, contractors, law enforcement instructors, security professionals, corporations, NGO’s, NRA instructors, state troopers, prison CERT teams and self-defense instructors and private citizens around the globe to help them achieve their mission objectives.

He has delivered keynotes and seminars to multinational corporations such as IBM, Hewlett Packard, Munter’s, ARROW and other corporations.

David Otto

David Otto is the TRS International Group & Global Risk International (GRI) Director of Anti & Counter Terrorism programme design and training.

David is a world renowned Counter Terrorism and Organised Crime Expert. He is a Certified Anti Terrorism Specialist (CAS), a Certified Master Anti Terrorism Specialist (CMAS) and a programme trainer with the Anti Terrorism Accreditation Board (ATAB); a Certified Expert in Field Criminalistics from The National University of Penal, Administrative and security Science – Mexico;

He holds a Master of Science (MSc) in Counter Terrorism & Organised Crime & BA(Hon’s) in Law & Criminology from the University of East London United Kingdom of Great Britain.

He serves as a Senior Advisor to the International Police Commission (IPC). David is also a selected expert and lecturer for NATO forces on Defence Against Terrorism at the NATO School and a Subject Matter Expert (SME) on US DoD Africa Command.

He was a pioneer Expert panelist and contributor to Interpol’s Global CT Strategy 2016 in Bali Indonesia.

He regularly appears as a specialist on Counter Terrorism on global 24 hr broadcast media platforms and in the international print media including CNN, BBC Television, AlJazeera English, IBTIMES, NEWSWEEK, Sputnik, EXPRESS UK, and the Theweek.co.uk

Maximilian Jarret

Maximilian Jarret  is the Co-Creator and Chief Executive of Abundenta Divina (Media) Ltd, a UK registered political consultancy and strategic communications advisory services firm. He is also a Senior Adviser at Global Risk International (GRI). In the non-profit sector, he currently serves as Senior Special Adviser to the Chair of the Africa Progress Group, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, a former President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Additionally, he is a Honorary Fellow of Murdoch University, in Perth, Western Australia.

Maximilian has over twenty-eight years of professional experience in the field of international geopolitical affairs, intergovernmental policy coordination and strategic communications including most recently as the final Director-Charge of the Geneva based Africa Progress Panel, chaired by former UN Secretary General and Nobel Laureate, Kofi Annan, and a decade as a regular daily current affairs programme presenter and senior producer with the British Broadcasting Corporation World Service, where he began his career in 1990. During his time with the BBC he also worked as a freelance country analyst and report writer for the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), part of the Economist Group.

A passionate Pan-Africanist and internationalist, he was born not very far from the Atlantic Ocean in Monrovia, Liberia.

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