The TRSIG VIP Concierge Security Membership constitutes an exceptional security trust and an unparalleled opportunity for corporate, family, and individual safety and business continuity. The TRSIG VIP Concierge Security Membership is an exclusive opportunity limited to a select number of corporations and individuals.

This is a worldwide boutique VIP concierge security service available by referral or invitation only. By limiting the number of clients we service, we are able to offer a commitment to ensure adequate time and availability for each client. In short, your experience as a TRSIG VIP Concierge Security Member will be nothing less than extraordinary.

The elite members of the TRSIG VIP Concierge Security Membership enjoy unprecedented access to a vast international network of security and tactical professionals around the globe. The TRSIG VIP Concierge Security Membership is extremely limited. Thousands of people worldwide have been impacted by TRS International Group. The TRSIG VIP Concierge Security members will receive a level of personalized suite of security services previously not available.

Executive Services Program offers a distinguishing level of client service – a team of  highly experienced security experts who are in your corner when the chips are down. Your TRSIG VIP Concierge Security Membership is ready to help you, offer a seasoned perspective and a lifeline if necessary for those critical times when you find yourself needing a team that is mission ready. TRSIG VIP Concierge Security Services is there to meet your personal, family or business assistance needs.

TRSIG Global Concierge Security Membership provides you with consulting, assistance, and security support services for:

  • Personal security concerns
  • Travel security
  • Travel Arrangements
  • Relocation and Evacuation
  • Kidnap, Ransom and Extortion
  • Crisis Management
  • Terrorism
  • Threat Assessment and Management
  • Recovery and Extraction
  • Travel Intelligence
  • Residential security concerns and planning
  • Office and business security concerns and planning
  • Private Yacht Security
  • Private Aircraft Security
  • Risk Management
  • International Asset transport and relocation
  • Medical related issues while abroad
  • Natural disasters
  • Vulnerability to electronic eavesdropping
  • Special Events
  • Personalized Discrete Confidential Services
  • Direct Phone and email support from real world security experts
  • Emergency Assistance When you need it where you need it
  • Non-Commercial Transportation

Clearly, the TRSIG VIP Concierge Security Membership is not for everyone, nor is it meant to be. If however, you know the VIP Concierge Security Membership is for you, we invite you to call us to discuss your needs and objectives. TRSIG looks forward to welcoming you!

Please note that TRSIG is a privately held company and reserves the right to refuse any potential clients and / or terminate relationships for unlawful acts.